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Resale Home Inspections

All resale home inspections include FREE Thermal Imaging and a FREE Termite Inspection and Inspection of the roof covering is performed using Aerial Drone Photography to ensure that our inspection causes no property damage and that we are able to view and report on all roof types and elevations. We even include inspection of landscape irrigation (sprinklers) and in ground pools, at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

New Construction Inspections

New construction inspections help reduce hazards and headaches after moving into your new home. We thoroughly review the build of the home to TREC standards and even include a FREE Thermal Imaging Scan! Thermal Imaging can assist in identifying hidden moisture intrusion, overheated electrical components or insulation deficiencies.

Builders Warranty Inspections

Our builders warranty inspection is focused on documenting deficiencies that have become apparent within the first 11 month of living in your new home and includes a FREE Thermal Imaging Scan! Your completed report can be submitted to your builders warranty program to ensure timely repair of any outstanding deficiencies before the expiration of your warranty.


Axiom Home Inspections is a full service home inspection service provider located in Celina Texas that serves the greater North Dallas region. All of our home inspections are performed by Professional Inspectors licensed with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and follow the TREC Standards of Practice for Home Inspection.

We provide a FREE Termite Inspection with all Resale home inspections and FREE Thermal Imaging with all Inspections.

We use Aerial Drone Photography for all roof covering inspections in order to prevent foot traffic damage to shingles during the inspection and to ensure that all roof types and elevations can be safely and thoroughly inspected.

Our inspection reports are written in real time during the inspection process so when the inspection is finished, your report is ready! This approach greatly improves reporting accuracy and detail while reducing the overall time needed to perform a thorough inspection.

Your Home Inspector will meet with you at the end of the inspection to review the report with you and answer any questions you may have about the condition of the home. Phone reviews are also available for our customers that are unable to make a face to face meeting.

All of the photographs taken during the inspection with aerial drone, inspection tablet and if applicable, thermal imaging camera, are provided to you in original high resolution format, along with copies of your home inspection report on either a USB Thumb Drive, or delivered by email as a downloadable file package.